Ready to Join The Big Idea Festival?

“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”– Alfred North Whitehead

If you read my last blog, then you know I’ve been thinking about how to turn good ideas into reality. I asked you to consider taking your own good idea and joining in on a spring ‘idea fest.”

This week, I’ve been giving more thought to this idea of taking action on my ideas.

Have you ever considered that your good idea may not keep? Or that it isn’t your idea at all? That actually you have been given the good idea, as a gift on loan. And that the good idea actually has an expiration date on it? After which time, if you don’t begin to act on it….then poof…it floats on to a more deserving soul; someone who will actually do something with that good idea? I wonder if we thought our time was limited with our good idea, would we be more willing to begin the labor?

What is your good idea? Is it a dream you continue to have, that thing you’d like to do, the change you keep talking about making? What stands between thinking about it, acting on it and seeing it happen? If you have had the idea for a while and have not acted on it; then before it moves on to another donor, it serves you to spend some time asking yourself these questions; Why haven’t I done anything with my good idea? What is keeping me from doing it? Is it lack of resources? Is it lack of time? Is it lack of energy? Is it lack of confidence? What is it?

I have been writing down my excuses and it helps me to take responsibility for my lack of commitment. It also causes me to ask; “What can be done about it?” And that question led me to doing some internet searching for some tips, processes, models, magic formulas; anything to get me off the dime and motivate me to take action? I learned that there is a boat load of information out there to try and teach us how to take our good ideas and turn them into reality.

Here are just a few titles of articles I read: “3 Tricks To Turn Your Ideas Into Realities, 4 steps to turn your innovative ideas into reality, 5 Steps for Turning Your Invention Ideas Into a Product, 8 Steps to Easily Turn Your Idea into an App, 9 ways to make your dream a reality, 12 components to successfully convert a great idea into a reality.”

Just pick a number! I don’t know people…12 components seem like a lot!

Do you get the idea that we’re not the only ones out there that have ‘good ideas’ on their mind?

Frankly, after spending way too much time searching for the cure, I was exhausted! I shut the computer down and went to finish reading a book I started a while ago. It’s called ‘Love Does’ by Bob Goff.  I came to the end and there Mr. Goff had written an epilogue. Here’s how it went:

“Let me tell you what I do when I don’t know what to do to move my dreams down the road. I usually just try to figure out what the next step is and then do that. I know it sounds too simple, too formulaic; it seems like there must be more to it. But there isn’t. For most of us, the next step is as easy as picking up the phone, sending an e=mail, writing a letter, buying a plane ticket, or just showing up. After that, things start happening; things that perhaps have God’s fingerprints on them. You’ll know which ones do and which ones don’t. Pick the ones that do.”

Did you get that? Figure out what the next step is and then do that! I was suddenly struck by how profound that was. I began thinking about the people that I know that have taken their idea and turned it into reality and sure enough, that’s what they did, isn’t it. Just took the next step.

I don’t know about you…but I think I can do that.

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