The Key to Change

“No one can persuade another to change.

Each of us guards a gate of change

that can only be unlocked on the inside.

We cannot open the gate of another,

either by argument or emotional appeal

                                                                                      :– Marilyn Ferguson


By now you are either psyched, or sick and tired of hearing about the keys to turning a good idea into a concrete reality. And as you know; I’m not only intent upon opening this gate for myself, but I have also been trying to convince you to do the same.

What I’m finding out however; is that convincing others to take on my current passion of turning a good idea into a reality, is like pushing a fat elephant through a skinny door!

Do you know what I mean? No doubt you have a friend or loved one who you think needs to make a change in his/her life? You want to convince them to lose their victim mentality,  try that new diet, listen to Dave Ramsey, quit that job that’s bringing them down, become more health conscious, cut out that bad habit, seek professional help? If they would just try it…take the first step…you know they can do it!

You give them the latest facts, use your best persuasive arguments, and even agree to take on the challenge with them. But, It seems the more you push and shove, the more they plant their feet in the ground; refusing to budge.

As much as we try we just can’t seem to motivate them to get moving….why is that?

We are a stiff-necked people are we not?  We guard our gates of change carefully, often unwilling to turn that key and open the door? Many of us hold tight to our key, and hide in the shadows. We find it more comfortable…safer… knowing that the lock is tightly in place.  The risk is less that way. Better to be unhappy or unfulfilled then take that risk?  I think this ‘R’ word  is the key to change.

So, If an individual wants to take that good idea she has in her head, and turn it into reality; then she alone must take the risk. And taking the risk means coming out into the light, turning the key, unlocking the door from the inside, pushing open that gate, walking through it, and taking the steps, one at a time.

No one else can do it for us..

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