Transform Your Feelings



“Resistance is thought transformed into feeling.

Change the thought that creates the resistance,

and there is no more resistance.”  Robert Conklin


I looked up to the sky today to see a balloon taking flight and soaring in the skies. I couldn’t help wonder if that balloon carries a good idea inside it. Did the holder of the dream make an attempt to grab it and reel it in… or was the resistance just too much to hang on to? …….. And so the idea floats along in the breeze, until a more willing soul sees the delight in it, and takes it home to make it his own.

So far I have written about some important aspects that it takes in order to get your idea out of your mind and on to the drawing board. Action, belief and commitment will perpetuate the motion and help kick-start the project. Once we pull the circuit; we feel the electricity flowing through our idea. We watch it coming to life as it follows the path to success like a consistent current with a steady stream of output. Things are going well!

But then one day, out of nowhere, we awake to feel resistance pushing against us; making the motion and the actions harder to accomplish. Our project of turning a good idea into reality is beginning to flicker. Resistance, a first cousin to the dastardly dude, takes on many forms as you know: When something feels like it is too hard, not fun, sooo boring, too much, impossible! That’s resistance.….

That’s how I’m feel today. It is as though resistance has taken on human form; urging me to let my good idea go…. “Give it up,” he whispers. “Throw it away…. release it….” I try and ignore Resistance and let him pass over me like a shadow in the night..…

I stare up at the ceiling, walk around the house, sweep the floor a second time, take a long walk, call a friend, watch an Oprah show, check my phone, my email, work on my blog ……….anything but do the thing that must be done.

I fear my good idea may end up in the sky floating away like so many others; waiting for someone more worthy to grab hold of it.

I read these words of Robert Conklin, and repeat them, until I can change my thoughts, transform my feelings and get back to my work; …”Change the thought that creates resistance, and there is no more resistance.” 

And so, once again, I must find the next step that needs to be done, and do it.

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