What Choices Shall We Make?






      “In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.” Dr. Kathleen Hall


Sometime ago I began doing research about aging. In fact the topic of turning sixty was what got me motivated to begin writing my blog over six years ago. http://www.smallsteps.website/about/.  Since that time I have become more determined than ever to take responsibility for making this final stage of life a season of success and celebration. I still want to have fun, be fit, be mindful, be feisty and yes, even shake a little bootie. I don’t want to be done dreaming big dreams. I don’t want to be satisfied with the belief that I am done fulfilling my life’s purpose. I don’t want to sit cozily in my rocking chair, observing the action from the sidelines. I want to keep setting new goals, and putting my ideas into action. I want to continue the challenge of living a whole human life, and I want to convince others to do the same.



If this chart didn’t have a label on it, would you be familiar with what it is trying to teach us? We have all too often seen visuals similar to this, haven’t we? It clearly depicts the popular notion of the inevitable downward slope/spiral of the human; once he/she passes through the prime of adulthood. And frankly we all know, or have known, folks whom that graph depicts correctly.

Of course I understand that ultimately God is in control and He will certainly call me home to heaven one way or another. And He might allow me to come down with a debilitating illness, or have a chronic pain issue; a stroke, or a heart attack, untreatable diseases etc.. (which, by the way, is a possibility for any of us at any age) But apart from our Maker’s will, I believe our life’s direction rests on the choices that we make….at any stage of our life.

So when I came across a model for aging that looked something like the one below; I gave the computer a high five and I yelled, “That’s what I’m talking about! There is a choice!”


So….I guess the question then is…What choices will we make?

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